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Немачко-српски речник

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Serbian-German Translation of

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von MladenT (RS), Last modified: 2013-02-08, 22:40  Spam?  
Hi everyone, I just wanted to remind you to check the inflections of Serbian words. I've begun making new entries and I will continue once I see others have started verifying them.

Inflections are a great way to save space and to concentrate only on specific aspects of the words, and only on relevant translations. For instance, they would make all comparatives and superlatives of adjectives useless. Same thing goes for the gender of pronouns, finished/unfinished aspects of verbs, verb tenses, Kasus and plural of nouns. Another great thing is that they could enable making synonyms.

I'm willing to enter as much entries as others are willing to verify, and I promise to be 100% correct (which is not so hard with most words since it's completely natural for native speakers).
von Heflamoke (DE/HU), 2013-02-23, 08:59  Spam?  
I'll try to vote for some of them. I am pretty much limited to nouns and adjectives tho :)

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